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3 Reasons to Buy Ford Escape You Must Know

3 Reasons to Buy Ford Escape You Must Know

The mid-size crossover marketplace is fierce. There are so many great crossovers to choose from which can be overwhelming once you need to make a final decision. Luckily, we’re here to help you choose the right crossover that suits your budget and preferences. In this article, we feature the exceptional Ford Escape and the top three reasons why you should consider purchasing one!




The affordability is the top reason for choosing the 2023 Ford Escape as your next crossover. With a starting price of only $32,849*, you can choose between six models (Active, ST-Line, ST-Line Select, ST-Line Elite, Platinum, and Plug-in Hybrid).


You can also add four-wheel drive at a very reasonable cost. Additionally, the Escape offers exceptional fuel economy. So if you’re driving on a budget, you’ll appreciate the fewer stops you’ll have to make at the gas station (with 8.9 L/100 km (city) and 6.9 L/100 km (highway)). 


You’d also be surprised at the extraordinary handling capabilities of the Escape. This crossover has advanced responsive steering capabilities with consistent driver feedback and braking. 


You have the option to upgrade your Escape to four-wheel drive, which is guaranteed to give you more traction when taking your next adventure into the untamed wilderness in Alberta.


State-of-the-art Technology and Safety


The Escape features state-of-the-art technology and driver-assistance features at a price that’ll make your wallet smile with relief. This crossover features Ford’s in-house developed SYNC system that incorporates a touchscreen, including voice command technology with smartphone integration. 


According to tests conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, Escape achieved top scores. All trims come equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, brake assist systems, and more. With FordPass Connect, you’ll always get help on your journey using the available FordPass app with FordGuide. 


Premium Interior Comfort and Cargo Capacity


The Ford Escape has one of the best interior comfort features in its class. The reason for its superior comfort is the soft suspension that’s designed to absorb anything. The result is a smooth, quiet, and bump-free ride, no matter how uneven the road ahead. The interior is more luxurious than any other crossover in its class. 


The materials are high-quality with top finishes. Rated as one of the most stylish crossovers currently on the market, you’re assured to arrive at Lake Louise, Alberta, in absolute style. Additionally, there’s more than enough space for all five occupants and their cargo (up to 1,061.8 litres with the rear seats up). 


What’s Next?


Contact Lethbridge Truck Town today and speak to a Ford representative who’ll answer any additional questions about this unparalleled crossover. Speak to us about the many available upgrades available to personalize your crossover, including the many unique exterior colours. Make your move and arrange an appointment to view and test drive the new 2023 Ford Escape today!


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