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Do Pickup Trucks Need Winter Tires?

Do Pickup Trucks Need Winter Tires?

A good pickup truck is a tough customer, able to handle demanding tasks in difficult conditions all year round. But even the best trucks can struggle when conditions become truly treacherous, during heavy winter storms and and heavy snowfalls. Pickup Trucks Need Winter Tires. They will help your pickup handle the worst that the weather can throw at you, and here's why it's so important to fit a high-quality set before the temperature starts to plummet.

Why Are Winter Tires Needed?

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The most obvious difference between winter tires and regular ones is the deeper, thicker treads carved into the rubber. Winter tires provide greater grip on slippery surfaces by moving snow and ice out from under the truck's weight to increase traction. The deeper treads are also backed up with microscopic slits and spikes dotted across the tires' surface, increasing grip even further. These two features make it possible to drive your pickup even in fresh snowfalls or over impacted ice.
However, there's a second reason to fit winter tires, even if you only drive on salted, plowed roads with little or no snow on the surface. The compound used in winter tires is a little stiffer than in regular summer or all-weather ones, and doesn't grip quite as easily in high temperatures. But the big difference is that winter tires stay at more or less the same stiffness even as the temperature drops, and so retain a dependable level of grip even when the temperature reaches well below zero.
In contrast, summer tires and even all-weather ones become steadily less effective the lower the mercury falls, and eventually supply so little grip that they become actively dangerous.

Are Winter Tires Important for Trucks?


A typical truck has much greater traction and higher levels of torque than a family SUV, for example, and some drivers assume this means winter tires are less important. However, the opposite is true. The greater power created by bigger pickup engines means accurate control is even more important, and winter tires will provide this throughout the colder months.

When Should You Switch to Winter Tires?

The time to switch to winter tires depends mainly on the expected temperature rather than the first predicted snowfall. If the temperature is likely to be consistently below 7°C when you're driving, then winter tires are the safer option. A less formal way to decide is to make the switch when you first feel the need to wear gloves or a scarf when venturing outdoors.

Buy Winter Tires for Your Truck in Lethbridge

If you've not yet made the switch to safer winter tires, visit the truck store at our Lethbridge dealership. We stock a full range of premium quality pickup accessories with expert installation by our fully trained technicians.

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