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Fuel-Saving Tips for Used Cars

Fuel-Saving Tips for Used Cars

With global oil prices skyrocketing, saving fuel has never been more important. There are clever ways to keep the gas in your tank for longer. We searched for the most effective ways to boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Scroll down to find out our top fuel-saving tips.


Slow Down

The faster you’re driving, the less fuel you’ll be saving. If you have the need for speed, saving fuel probably won’t be possible. Speeds of over 96 km/hr will negatively affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Keeping a constant speed on the road will help to preserve your fuel level. 


Activate Cruise Control

Using the cruise control setting on flat roads will reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption by allowing the engine to perform fewer revolutions per minute. Maintaining a consistent speed will conserve your fuel for longer.


Lay Off The Brake And Accelerator

Erratic braking and accelerating is never a good idea. Your fuel consumption can be affected by up to 33% when driving aggressively on the highway. Your fuel efficiency will be boosted if you implement gentle acceleration, moderate steering, and smooth braking. Making unnecessary lane changes can also affect your fuel consumption.


Pump Up Your Tires

Fuel efficiency is affected if you drive with underinflated tires. If there isn’t sufficient air in your tires, they produce more friction and rolling resistance on the road. A tire that’s underinflated by 10 PSI can diminish your fuel economy by a maximum of 10%. A good recommended tire pressure range is between 28 and 36 PSI.


Don’t Overuse Your Air-Conditioner

Don’t get into the habit of always powering up your air-conditioner when you get behind the wheel. This feature should only be used when necessary unless you want your fuel consumption to increase. However, don’t be tempted to roll down your windows instead, as this will also affect your fuel efficiency.


Empty Out Your Cargo Space

Always check your trunk and remove any unnecessary cargo. An extra 22 kg of cargo can cause a 1% reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Only pack what’s necessary for your journey and save money in the long run.


Don’t Idle Your Engine Too Much

Allowing your engine to idle should only be done when necessary. If you want to conserve your fuel levels, make sure your engine doesn’t idle for more than half a minute. Instead, use your vehicle’s Eco Stop/Start feature, if available. Alternatively, switch off your engine.


Ensure Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Unclean motor oil, overused spark plugs, and dirty air filters can affect your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Make an appointment for your vehicle to be properly checked regularly, as it’ll save you money in the future. Explore our Used vehicles for sale in Lethbridge at Lethbridge Truck Town and find your next preowned truck today.

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