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Should I Buy A Truck Or An SUV?

Should I Buy A Truck Or An SUV?

Large cars provide an advantage over others. You get a bigger cargo space, powerful pull force, and the capability to drive in challenging weather conditions.


You may find trucks and SUVs the best choice if you fancy a large vehicle. They have a few common points, and many people decide based on the car's appearance. However, far from the looks, here’s how we compare trucks vs SUVs.


Towing Capability

Towing Capability.


The main utility of large cars is the towing capability. Both vehicles types are designed with a forceful towing capability to trail an additional wagon or drag additional cargo behind it.


SUVs are designed to pull a lightweight load. These cars can pull a light boat or tow another car behind them, but any significant weight pulled behind the car can cause a challenging driving experience. 


On the other hand, trucks provide a stronger towing ability; they’re powered by different towing equipment. When you buy trucks Lethbridge, you’ll be able to pull a camper's caravan and heavy recreational vehicles, which is hardly possible using an SUV.


Cargo Space

Cargo Space


Both cars have a big cargo space, where you can load more luggage than in a sedan. An SUV is usually for family use, and you may fit a baby stroll, bicycle, and other equipment for your family trip.


On the other hand, you’re limited by the cargo box roof and lid if you intend to move furniture using an SUV. Therefore, you may look for used trucks in Lethbridge to have ample cargo space. 


Additionally, you can extend the truck’s exterior bed to transport taller loads like lumber and building materials. 


Fuel Economy


You may expect a lower fuel economy in cars with powerful engines; these vehicles have larger engines than sedans and sports cars, burning more fuel as they run. 


You can find used SUVs in Lethbridge with average fuel efficiency between 15L to 25L per 100km because SUVs have limited towing capabilities.


However, pickups usually have stronger engines. Therefore, you may expect a higher fuel consumption, ranging between 25L to 50L per 100km. The heavier the towing is, the more fuel a truck consumes. Which is the price truck owners pay for additional functions.


Interior Capacity

Interior Capacity


The large luggage space is usually at the expense of the interior space. SUVs are family-friendly if you want to move large luggage with your household; some 4x4 cars can accommodate up to eight passengers, including a considerable cargo box.


On the opposite side, most pickups fit two passengers or three if you use the middle seat. Even the large ones with crew cabins can’t seat more than five people. 


However, if you frequently move large cargo with limited passengers on board, you may search for used trucks in Lethbridge.

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