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Should You Buy a Used Ram 1500 or a Chevy Colorado?

Should You Buy a Used Ram 1500 or a Chevy Colorado?

Buying a used truck is an excellent way to get a lot of pickup for not a lot of money. But even a great used deal is a sizable investment, and it's important to choose your truck wisely so that it provides years of service. Two of the most popular models on the used truck market are the Ram 1500 and the Chevy Colorado, and here's how they stack up against each other.


Powertrain and Performance



There are powerful versions of both trucks available, but in overall performance terms, the Ram has the edge. The entry-level Chevy has either a turbo diesel engine making 181 horsepower or a gas model producing 200hp. At the top end, there's a 3.6L V6 pushing out a creditable 308 horsepower.


The Ram's powertrain is a more powerful one in nearly every aspect. Even at the base level, the 3.5L V6 makes 305 horsepower, close enough to the most powerful Colorado, but the high-end 5.7L V8 makes a mammoth 395hp, pushing the Ram into a different league.


Towing and Payload Capacity



The Ram's extra power shows through in some impressive capability figures. While the Chevy can handle 716kg in payload and 3,493kg in towing capacity, the Ram outclasses it on both fronts with a maximum payload of 1,036kg and a maximum towing capacity of 5,795kg.


Fuel Economy


But the Ram's better performance doesn't come at the cost of higher fuel consumption. For city driving the Ram boasts a creditable fuel economy figure of 12.3L / 100km, comfortably better than the Colorado's 13.8L. However the two trucks are evenly matched for highway driving, with a figure of 9.4L / 100km.


Interior and Technology


Both trucks are well equipped with interior technology, but the standard infotainment screen on the Chevy is larger at 7" compared to the standard Ram's 5" on older models. However moving up to a newer Ram or higher trim gives it the advantage, with the screen size reaching a mammoth 12". Both trucks have modern options such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and integrated navigation available across the range.


In terms of cabin space, the Ram can seat up to six in comfort depending on the cab option chosen, while the Chevy is limited to four. However, the Colorado does have slightly more legroom in the front row, although this is balanced by substantially lower shoulder room than in the 1500.


Safety Features



The Ram also has an edge in the range of active safety systems fitted as standard or available as options. Although both trucks have features including a backup camera, ABS, stability control, and traction control, that's where the story ends for the Chevy.


In contrast, the Ram is available with lane departure warnings, keep assist, cross-traffic alerts, and other advanced features which are missing on the Chevrolet.


Used Ram 1500 or Used Chevy Colorado: The Verdict


Both trucks are powerful, capable, and will work as hard as you do. However, the Ram 1500's superior power, higher payload and towing capacity, and more advanced safety make it the worthy winner in this contest.

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